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Outdoor Leadership Training (OLT) is offered to young adults who wish to get first hand experience in the fundamentals of Expedition Leadership. 

The Outdoor Leadership Training (OLT) 


Leadership training applies to much more than the woods. This program is designed to raise your ability to make good decisions in all situations. The Tobeatic expedition is designed to teach you to be a qualified assistant instructor.


This curriculum has been adapted from the Wilderness Education Association (WEA) whose founder, Paul Petzoldt, also created NOLS.    So what sets us apart?  This program focuses not only on building essential wilderness skills but also on personal development through mentoring.


Developing strong leadership skills applies to much more than trekking in the woods.  This program is designed to raise your ability to make good decisions in all situations.


How does Mentoring fit with Wilderness Leadership?


As individuals we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Mentoring helps people to understand both where we excel and where we need to grow. Empathy and self-awareness are hallmarks of a good leader!  Through mentoring we become more self-aware, and through this process we are more easily able to find empathy for ourselves and others.




Two, multi-day wilderness canoe & camping expeditions structured for: Young Adult program - for  ages - 15 and older  and a  Professional Program for teachers, parents, social-workers,  therapists and business leaders.  


The curriculum is structured around Individualized Education that integrates mentoring wilderness training and back-country expedition provides the customized support that is necessary to succeed.


Wilderness Education Association (WEA) training. This includes expedition planning and expedition behavior, all aspects of camp maintenance, safety, communication  and leadership.  The adventure component functions as a reason to plan properly and provides an environment where learning is action centered.   Time for reflection is vital. 


Apprenticeship and shadowing with professionals.


Mentoring provides 1:1 counseling that guarantees individualized support through regular follow-up.


Learning models that encourage self-awareness, professional discipline and empathy.


The staff at WTM are "old school" instructors who believe every wilderness instructor must first work as an assistant with an experienced qualified lead instructor for as long as it takes to earn your lead instructor capacity.  This process is the proven method for ensuring that every lead instructor has the "hard and soft skills" and judgment to manage  the best and worst case scenario that could happen in the environment in which they are leading. 


Orientation 2 nights of Camping – 

Purpose of Orientation is to guarantee everyone has the right gear and  food for the 10-day expedition!   You will also learn Low Impact Camping Skills, Map & Compass (Navigation), Use of Stoves.


Mentoring scheduled individually -

2 sessions per person delivered by phone, Skype or in person prior to departure. Self-awareness  


White Mountains Expedition:


WTM Base-Camp food and gear preparation – sleep at base-camp


Depart for Tamworth, NH




Fundamentals of outdoor leadership

Emergency First Aid Simulations

Situational Leadership Styles

Group Management

Mentoring Skills

Camp Cooking – fire making

Navigational Skills - Map & Compass

Emergency Evacuation

Low Impact Camping Skills


 Return to Connecticut – arrive base-camp



Follow-up mentoring sessions will be scheduled individually.

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