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                             Institute for
            Wilderness & Community (IWC)       

IWC provides meaningful and relevant professional development to educators. Follow-Up is designed into the process. Teaching professionals how to organize and manage emotionally safe group settings is our mission.  Our objective is to train teachers and administrators how to facilitate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) experiences that have therapeutic value.  The service is provided first to faculty and administrators and they are trained and assisted in providing classroom dialogue/advisory sessions for children.  We teach and demonstrate how to run an emotionally safe group environment where children and adults learn to share their experience (and their differences) knowing they will be heard and respected.  

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Professional Development

The Art of Dialogue

Listening to ideas that challenge our own, is the foundation of peace through understanding.


​This specialized training invites educators and business leaders to learn how to facilitate  a two-hour professional development workshop (for your chosen population) that has on-site follow-up.   


The goal is to train first line educators to be more therapeutic in their approach to day-to-day teaching. Everyone benefits when a teacher can run a classroom dialogue (morning or afternoon meeting) where children learn it is safe to share their experience and their differences.    PD workshops set the tone of how to create a safe social environment where sharing is not only normal but EXCITING! 


Two full days of basic training in delivery of Communication-Influence Model, Relevant Gestalt Therapy Technique and Art of Dialogue.


Choose the environment where you want to implement the art of dialogue - this can be your classroom, board room, professional development area etc.. 

We contract with your group to deliver the 1/2 day workshop designed to promote positive cultural change.  

Ed Thorney, founder, facilitates the session with you as assistant. This individual training approach guarantees success! 

As you get better at implementing the workshop you become the lead instructor and you are on your own.

Adventure Programming for Students & Teachers

Activities include, hiking, canoeing, rock-climbing, orienteering, stream walks, rustic furniture making, outdoor cooking, emergency shelter construction etc..  These programs fit into the school schedule.   We build a trusting relationship that draws from the shared experience of the adventure.   In addition, extended backpacking and canoe camping is offered to groups who want full immersion in the wilderness for 3-10 days. 

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