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Our Services

Integrating Counseling with Outdoor Activities

At WTM we provide safe and meaningful Outdoor Adventures to schools, camps, youth agencies, families and individuals. 

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Private Practice

Family & Individual Mentoring

combines hiking, canoeing, rustic projects etc. with indoor self-awareness training and problem solving.

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Outdoor Leadership Training

Outdoor Leadership Training (OLT) is offered to young adults who wish to get first hand experience in the fundamentals of Expedition Leadership.   

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School Support

Outdoor Adventure programs K-12

Professional Development 

Culture Development

Therapeutic Mentoring

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What do people say about WTM?

"Ed has a remarkable way with people.  He has the ability to draw the best out of his students, clients, parents and peers.  His devotion is unconditional.  He has provided counseling to many "at-risk" students and their parents, and has won the respect of many principals, school counselors and area social service agencies."

- Cynthia Bianchi,

 Former Executive Director, Housatonic Youth Service Bureau


Ed Thorney, MS

P.O. Box 1976

Lakeville, CT 06039


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